Paraclear - White poo/ faeces and bloated bladder - 50g

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Best medication on the market for Flowerhorns and Discus. Treats White Faeces, Bloated stomach, Sleeping sickness

Paraclear - White poo and bloated bladder

The Anti-Internal Parasite and Bloat Treatment

  • Gentle to fishes. Tough against Internal Parasites
  • Effectively annihilate parasite eggs and passed out through feaces
  • Relieves stomach bloat and swell
  • Suitable for all cichlids, especially Discus and Flowerhorn
  • Improves fish appetite

Paraclear is a revolutionary treatment for the White Poo syndrome and Malawi Bloat, common diseases amongst all cichlids especially Discus and Flowerhorn. Internal Parasites, which includes flagellates and worms, are ever present in the intestinal tracts of your fishes.

However during times of stress, these parasites overwhelm the fishes' natural immune system, causing symptoms such as excretion of white/clear faeces, stomach swelling, darkening of body colour, inactivity and severe loss of appetite. Paraclear is highly effective against internal parasites while being gentle on your fishes. In addition, it annihilates parasite eggs within and these are passed out through faeces by the effected fish. Continue application for a week after recovery to ensure all traces are removed from your aquarium. 


  • While this treatment is highly effective against internal parasites, it is the owner's responsibility to provide a clean and ideal living environment for your fishes to prevent the disease from reoccurring, many illnesses can be prevented by maintaining good water parameters (ammonia/nitrite/pH)
  • Always quarantine any new purchases before adding them to the main tank
  • Dilute medication with water before adding into your aquarium. Do not mix medication with untreated tap water as the Chlorine and Chloramines present will greatly reduce the medication's effectiveness

Add 1ml of medication for every 25 litres aquarium water and repeat recommended dosage every 3 days.

Dilute medication with aquarium water before adding to aquarium. The entire treatment course should continue for 9 days or a total of 3 dosages It is important to carry out a 30% water change before any repeated dosage.

50g treats 1250 litres 


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You're reviewing:Paraclear - White poo/ faeces and bloated bladder - 50g
Paraclear - White poo/ faeces and bloated bladder - 50g